Paige McPherson: Trusting in the Lord Makes her ‘Fierce’ (Gospel Light Minute #236)

She is a taekwondo competitor in the Olympics welterweight events for the United States team. She won silver in 2011 at the Pan Am Games and gold at the same games in 2015. Additionally, she represented the U.S. at the 2012 Summer Olympics and earned the bronze medal. In 2016, she was selected to represent the United States at the Summer Games in Rio.

Before the 2012 Olympic Games, she said this of her faith, “I was adopted at four days old into a Christian family and we went to church every Sunday. I really came to my own faith at age 16 in a Christian Bible camp when I began asking questions. I knew then I was ready to be part of God’s family. Since then, I have been walking by faith through all my trials.

“I began studying taekwondo after my older brother Evan, who is Korean, started taking classes; I wanted to do everything that he did. My younger sister started classes later, so it became a family thing. We mostly participated in after-school clubs and competed at state tournaments. One year I tried sparring and my coach recognized a talent there. I started training more, and sparred at the nationals, earning a medal. I made the U.S. junior team, then the senior team and the national team.

“I knew I had a God-given talent, and I have always wanted to glorify Him in any way I can through my sport. I wanted to be the one saying, “God gave me the talent. Let me see how far I can go and how I can increase it for Him.” I took my problems to God and knew He was in control. If I didn’t win, I knew it was His will, and I had that inner peace in me when I fought in tournaments.

“My faith plays a big role in my sport. Being able to trust my Lord and have faith that whatever happens is His will, gives me the inner peace that makes me ready for anything.

“A lot of athletes think the best approach is to be cocky and think you’re better than the other person. Whenever I tried to be overconfident, I didn’t win. But I know that the opponent is just as human as I am. I believe whoever the Lord wills wins, and it’s really anyone’s win on any given day.

“Growing up, my family would watch the Olympics every year together. I have always been a fan and wanted to be one of those athletes, having those special moments. One of my biggest goals was to make the 2012 Olympic team. I wanted to win it and glorify my Lord in the process. I trusted God, and I gave it my all for Him. He wants me to glorify Him whether I win a medal or win nothing, so I pray I will do that (no matter the outcome).”

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