GLMX #191: Things That Last Forever


We live in a world that appears to be awfully temporary. The events of each day seem bent on making us understand that we are living on borrowed time — that at any moment everything we know could come to a screeching halt. Everyday, lives are cut short by illness, car accidents, and criminal activity. Each hour serves as a reminder that we ought to be grateful for every breath we take. As the Bible says, life is just “a vapor that appeareth for a little while and then passeth away.”

Just this past week, dozens of high school students from Los Angeles were on a bus heading to northern California to visit a university. The journey was an expression of their dreams, aspirations, and plans for the future. However, it was cut short when a FedEx truck exploded into flames and crashed into the bus. Ten people on the bus were killed — their lives cut short, the dreams they had for the future forever left unfulfilled.

Despite evidence that seems to point to the contrary, death is unnatural. The cessation of a human life at any age was never meant to be. The reality is: we are eternal souls meant to live and enjoy a never-ending relationship with an eternal God. Death was not a part of the Creator’s original plan for you and me.

You may think that when you die, that will be the end of everything for you — you will simply cease to exist. But that is not the case. When your body dies, your spirit will separate from it and continue to live throughout eternity in one of two eternal locations — Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell are just as real as the city where you live. And your immaterial soul is just as real as the physical body it is held in right now.

Heaven, Hell, and your soul — these are things that last forever.

MUSICAL SELECTION: “Forever” by Chris Tomlin

Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo: Finding and Serving God in the Midst of Hollywood Success (Gospel Light Minute #12)

This husband and wife team have enjoyed years of success together and individually as recording artists. Their music has earned them 7 Grammy awards and 15 gold and 3 platinum records. They have also enjoyed starring roles on various television shows and movies. They
are known for their over 40 years of marriage in the midst of demanding entertainment careers, and they often give advice and encouragement to married couples they meet. As lead vocalists in the group called The 5th Dimension, during the 60s and 70s they recorded such classics as “Up, Up & Away”, “Wedding Bell Blues” and “Stoned Soul Picnic” among others. After a decade with this group, they decided to establish themselves as a duo, and they had immediate success with the single “You Don’t Have to Be a Star (To Be In My Show)”.

Although her family did not go to church, he had been raised with a strong Christian background. But the pressures of an entertainment career had shifted his attention from his faith. Pretty soon, their Christian friends had begun to talk to them about God. He realized how
much he had shifted from acknowledging God in his life, while she also realized a void in her life. They began studying the Bible. One day, their friends invited them both to accept Jesus Christ at a Roxy event in Los Angeles. Although they had just finished a concert in Denver,
they had made it back to Los Angeles in time for the program. Three weeks earlier, she had already accepted Jesus without telling him. At the evening of the Roxy, both committed their lives to Jesus Christ and have been serving Him ever since then. Their names are Billy Davis, Jr., and Marilyn McCoo.

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