GLMX #227: How to Be Saved from Yourself

man-worst-enemyHave you ever heard someone say that they are their own worst enemy? When we use that phrase, we are simply saying that we often make choices and do things that we know are bad for us, yet, somehow, we seem unable to stop ourselves from repeating those detrimental habits. The fact of the matter is each of us can be our own worst enemy.

Take, for example, the man who knows he is wasting money, but for some reason can’t stop gambling. Or, the person who knows that smoking is ruining their lungs, but seems to be unable to stop. Or, the young lady who seems to attract abusive, no-good men in her love life all the time. Or the person who can’t resist eating certain foods that they know will eventually cause health problems for them down the road.

If you are honest, you, too, will admit that there is some area in your life that you struggle with gaining control over no matter how good your intentions are. Sometimes, it seems like we need to be saved from ourselves.

Our condition is like a man who has fallen into a deep, narrow pit. No matter what he does, he cannot climb out. He is unable to save himself. He cannot be saved unless someone comes along a pulls him out. Continue reading “GLMX #227: How to Be Saved from Yourself”

How to be Delivered from Evil


Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #120

TEXT: Matthew 6:6-13

There is much talk today about deliverance. Even churches put the word “deliverance” in their names. People are searching for deliverance from many things; things such as: a bad marriage, an unhappy home life, drug addiction, addiction to pornography, alcoholism, sicknesses, depression, homosexuality, and the list could go on.

People are so desperate for deliverance that they are turning to anyone and anything for it: psychics, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and television talk show hosts. Some people are willing to relocate, to adopt a new lifestyle, or to leave their families to get deliverance from whatever they are facing. And, sadly, some people even try to get deliverance through suicide.

But, what is true deliverance? True, biblical deliverance is when God supernaturally steps in to a situation and delivers a person or a group of people out of a predicament that is humanly impossible for them to be delivered from. After the deliverance, no matter how one looks at it, only God can get the credit. When you get deliverance from God, you will sing like the old saints, “If it had not been for the Lord, who was on my side…”

Some examples of true, biblical deliverance are: the Israelites leaving Egypt in a mass exodus of an entire nation; the preservation of the nation of Israel through their 40 year wilderness wandering; Paul and Silas being delivered from jail by an earthquake; and Peter’s deliverance from prison by an angel. However, sometimes, God will use a human agent as his means of deliverance. He will place a person in your life at just the right time and place to work on God’s behalf for your deliverance.

Now that we know what we are talking about when we talk about deliverance, allow me to share with you three key points about true deliverance. We all have things that we need to be delivered from, and those things can be classified in two major categories.

1. First of all, we need spiritual deliverance. That is, we need deliverance from sin, temptation, and the devil. When Jesus showed the disciples how to pray, he told them to pray, “Lord, lead us not into temptation.” And of all the people who can deliver us from sin and temptation, the Lord is certainly the one we need to call on to do that. Second Peter 2:9 says, “The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations…”

2. Secondly, in this life, we need physical deliverance. This is the kind of deliverance we need from circumstances and situations beyond our control. The disciples were also to pray, Lord, “deliver us from evil.” In the Bible, the word “evil” not only means spiritual evil, but also refers to physical destruction, calamity, hardship, or death. All of these things are considered to be “evil” that we ought to want to be delivered from.

3. We must choose to allow God to deliver us from the problems we face. Notice the third part of this section of the Lord’s prayer that we are looking at today: The disciples are taught to pray, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory.”

+ Plus, listen to John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir singing “We Walk by Faith” and the Sensational Nightingales singing “My Life is in God’s Hands”