How to Get Clean on the Inside (Gospel Light Minute X #394)

This is the “chief of sinners,” Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International, with the Gospel Light Minute X Podcast #394 titled, “How to Get Clean on the Inside” I’m here to remind you of what the Bible says, that “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” like you and me.

Maybe it’s the Mom in me, but I really like things to be clean. I think you would probably agree that whether it’s our house, our clothes, or even our car, we feel better once things are washed and put in order.

We can spend a lot of time, effort, and money making sure the things around us are spotless. But how often do you and I evaluate our heart and conscience to see if we are clean on the inside? Continue reading “How to Get Clean on the Inside (Gospel Light Minute X #394)”

GLMX #228: “Hands Up, I Surrender All”


You’ve heard the chant of protesters across America — “hands up, don’t shoot!” For them, that phrase is a statement of dissatisfaction with what they perceive as injustice. But, people put their hands in the air for numerous reasons. People raise their hands in a celebratory gesture at football games or concerts. Some raise their hands in the air as an act of worship or praise in church. This past week, we saw civilians who had been held hostage by a gunman in a cafe in Sydney, Australia, raise their hands in the air as they escaped to indicate to police officers that they were not a threat.

Perhaps you have thrown your hands in the air in frustration. Jewish rabbis raise their hands when giving the benediction. “Jazz hands” are often used while dancing. Some people raise their hands with palms facing inward when they are trying to express that they don’t understand something. In France, you can raise your arm and rotate your hand back and forth to let someone know that you are unhappy with their driving. In Germany, people often clasp their hands together and raise them above their heads to express gratitude. In Russia and former Soviet countries, it is customary to raise your hand in a fist above your head and shake it to express anger. And, of course, we all know that you can raise your hand and wave it in order to say “hello” or “goodbye.”

It’s clear that what we do with our hands can express many messages. But, perhaps, the most important thing we can express by raising our hands is surrender — not only surrender to police and other human authorities, but to God. The writers of the Bible tell us that they raised their hands to demonstrate that they were surrendering to God’s will, that they were leaning on Him, and that they were trusting in Him. Continue reading “GLMX #228: “Hands Up, I Surrender All””

GLMX #170: What Matters at the End of Life

End of life
End of life

In George Sayer’s biography of the great English writer, C.S. Lewis, he tells the story of the death of Lewis’ mother, Flora, who passed away when C.S. Lewis was only 9 years old. After falling ill, Flora Lewis lay on her death bed. Her husband, Albert, sat with her and tried to comfort her. “In the middle of the night, Albert spoke to her of the goodness of God. Like a flash Flora said to him, ‘What have we done for Him?'”

Those were words that Albert prayed he would never forget.

As she lay with her life draining from her body, Flora Lewis was concerned about one thing — what she had done for God with the time on earth that she had been given. She was not concerned about her personal comfort; she was not concerned about what would become of her material possessions. Her main focus was not even on her family whom she was leaving behind, but on God whom she was going to meet and what she had done for Him.

What matters at the end of our lives is not what kind of house we lived in, what kind of clothes we wore, how much money we had, or what position we held in life. What will matter is our relationship with God and what we have done for Him.

+ Plus, listen to BarlowGirl singing “Beautiful Ending”