Harvard and Yale Graduate Courtney B. Vance Realized he Needed the Lord (Gospel Light Minute #219)

He is an actor who is respected amongst his colleagues and praised as one of the best in the entertainment industry. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts and later attended Yale School of Drama to earn his Master of Fine Arts. He is notable for his roles in the feature films “Hamburger Hill” and “The Hunt for Red October,” the television series “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” in which he played Assistant District Attorney Ron Carver, and “The People v. O. J. Simpson,” in which he played Johnnie Cochran. For the latter, he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. He guest starred on the TNT series “The Closer as Chief Tommy Delk” from 2010–11. In 2013, he won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his role in “Lucky Guy.”

Along with being an actor, he is a dedicated husband to actress Angela Bassett; a father to twins, son Slater Josiah Vance and daughter Bronwyn Golden Vance; and a contributor to society. Faith plays a big role in his life. When he was cast as Reverend Henry Biggs in “The Preacher’s Wife,” he felt an overwhelming need to get in touch with his faith. He said: “I knew I wasn’t going to get into that role without coming to the Lord. I had been trying to do that my whole life. My family was raised in the church and then we stopped going to church when I was about nine or ten – so I was on that search. I didn’t really understand how much I needed my faith until I got married. Two become one – it’s a mystery and I needed help and to know how to do it.” Through counseling, service, and scripture, he gave his life to the Lord and got baptized at a historic Harlem, New York, church.

When asked how faith played a role in his acting journey, he said: “The difficult thing is viewing things from God’s eyes. From his perspective a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. So I have learned to look at the pauses in between, God is working something out and for me not to worry about it and for me to continue work. Just like a farmer is not standing over his seedlings waiting for them to grow. He is busy getting things done, preparing for that time when it’s time to harvest because when it’s time to harvest and you’re not prepared then you’re in trouble. It’s all about preparation and perceived blessings. I’m just trying to be prepared.”

To excel in having a relationship with God, he said: “[God] is asking us to let Him in and if we let Him in, He will give us the desires of our heart and ‘open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing we don’t have room enough to receive.’ That’s ours; that’s the promise.”

His name is Courtney B. Vance.

Meagan Good Keeps her Eyes on God and Uses her Acting Gift to Glorify Him (Gospel Light Minute #87)

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Meagan Good
Meagan Good

She is a star television and movie actress who began her career at four years old. She has appeared in numerous commercials, television shows, music videos, and major movies. She was cast in her first film, the 1995 hit “Friday”, at age thirteen. At age fifteen, her performance in the critically acclaimed 1997 film “Eve’s Bayou”, earned her her first NAACP Image Award nomination.

Since then, her film appearances include: Roll Bounce, Waist Deep, Stomp the Yard, Jumping the Broom, and Think Like a Man among many others. She currently stars in the lead role of the new NBC TV drama series “Deception.” One of the things that stands out in the show is that in the midst of all that “deception”, her character wears a cross around her neck. I believe that she does this to be a witness for Jesus Christ. And may I say with all due respect to her husband and without fear of successful contradiction, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Although she was not raised in the church, she says that she is a Christian and that she will not do roles that she feels might disappoint God. She said in an interview, over the years, “I have learned that I need to really keep my eyes on the prize which is God and not worry so much about what other people think of me. And if I keep my eyes on the prize, people will think what they need to think of me, good or bad.”

Regarding the roles she plays, she said, “I think that, for me, it’s about portraying a character creatively and artistically as an actress. I believe that God has gifted me as an actress and intends for me to use that gift, but He also intends for me to use it to glorify him. So, if I’m playing the most perfect, religious girl, then nobody gets anything out of it. It’s like being a Christian and only hanging out in church. When I play a character, I try not to judge her because ultimately it’s about where she ends up and what she learns from the journey, no matter what happens along the journey. Does she become a better person?”

She reads her Bible “every day without fail” and is determined to continue growing in her faith. Married to a Hollywood movie executive who is also a preacher, she said that she is happy to have “a partner who shares the same heart for God that I have, who walks down the same road as I, and who wants the same things in life that I do. I’m also happy that I found someone who understands what I do for a living, and wants to use that as a tool to help glorify God….It’s just a blessing now that people are listening as I try to share the love of God and empower young women.” Her name is Meagan Good.