The Power of Prayer Can Deliver You from the “Hell You Are Going Through” in this Life and from the “Real Hell” in the Life to Come” (Gospel Light Minute X)

Perhaps, you have heard some people make these statements: “Because of the economic downturn I lost my job. I don’t know what I’ll do for income.” “I’ve lost my investments in the stock market, so now I don’t have any savings for the future.” “We don’t have money to continue our mortgage payments, so we had to foreclose on our house.” “Our hearts are grieving because of the loss of a loved one.” “I had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Now the cancer has returned.”

We live in difficult days. These and other problems abound, hitting us on all sides. Perhaps you can identify with one or more of the problems mentioned above. You may be facing the most devastating time of your life and you don’t know what to do. But there is something you can do. You can take your problem to God through prayer. God always hears our prayers and answers according to His will—even though they may not be answered the way we anticipated.

Many people in the Bible faced terrible problems, too. When they prayed, God answered and resolved their dilemmas. For example Hezekiah, king of Judah, was deathly ill, and when he prayed God healed him and extended his life. Others in dire circumstances—Peter in prison, David being pursued by enemies, Paul being persecuted—prayed and God answered.

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Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo: Finding and Serving God in the Midst of Hollywood Success (Gospel Light Minute #12)

This husband and wife team have enjoyed years of success together and individually as recording artists. Their music has earned them 7 Grammy awards and 15 gold and 3 platinum records. They have also enjoyed starring roles on various television shows and movies. They
are known for their over 40 years of marriage in the midst of demanding entertainment careers, and they often give advice and encouragement to married couples they meet. As lead vocalists in the group called The 5th Dimension, during the 60s and 70s they recorded such classics as “Up, Up & Away”, “Wedding Bell Blues” and “Stoned Soul Picnic” among others. After a decade with this group, they decided to establish themselves as a duo, and they had immediate success with the single “You Don’t Have to Be a Star (To Be In My Show)”.

Although her family did not go to church, he had been raised with a strong Christian background. But the pressures of an entertainment career had shifted his attention from his faith. Pretty soon, their Christian friends had begun to talk to them about God. He realized how
much he had shifted from acknowledging God in his life, while she also realized a void in her life. They began studying the Bible. One day, their friends invited them both to accept Jesus Christ at a Roxy event in Los Angeles. Although they had just finished a concert in Denver,
they had made it back to Los Angeles in time for the program. Three weeks earlier, she had already accepted Jesus without telling him. At the evening of the Roxy, both committed their lives to Jesus Christ and have been serving Him ever since then. Their names are Billy Davis, Jr., and Marilyn McCoo.

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The Most Striking Statement in the Bible (Part Two)

Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #10

Last Sunday, Daniel Whyte III began a two-part message titled “The Most Striking Statement in the Bible.” We discussed how that 1 Timothy 1:15 is striking because of who this salvation was for and secondly, it was striking in its purpose. Today, he is going to continue that message and give you two more reasons why this verse is the most striking statement in the Bible.”

The first reason is that it is striking in who was doing the saving. The second reason is that it is striking because the great apostle identified himself with sinners.

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GLMX #34: Are We Really Living In the Last Days?

It is estimated that more than 20,000 people were killed in the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Damage to nuclear reactors may have disastrous long term effects. Japan’s prime minister has called the earthquake his country’s worst crisis since World War II.

Meanwhile the worldwide recession and the unrest in countries across the Middle East have caused great concern among many people. Tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters have killed thousands more and left many homeless and hopeless.

These are indeed historic days in which we live. When disasters and wars erupt, people often ask about their relation to the end of history. After Jesus prophesied the destruction of the Holy City, His disciples asked Him in Matthew 24:3, “what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

Jesus responded with six different signs that would precede His Second Coming, and the end of the world. To what degree are they being fulfilled in our day?

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Avery Johnson Answered the Call to Follow Jesus Christ (Gospel Light Minute #11)

He is best known as the former head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. As a coach, he holds the highest winning percentage in NBA history and set the record for reaching the 150 win mark in the shortest number of games. In the 2005-2006 season, he led the Mavericks to their first ever appearance in the NBA Finals and earned the NBA Coach of the Year honor along the way. Known as “The Little General” for his on-court leadership abilities, he also helped guide the San Antonio Spurs to an NBA Championship in 1999. Before he became a coach, he became the 75th player in NBA history to play 1,000 career games. At 5’11”, he joined Calvin Murphy as the only other player under 6-feet in height to reach that milestone.

After a long night of drinking in 1989, he decided to attend a church service the next day. The minister preached a message about being fully committed to Jesus Christ. He says of his experience that day, “I don’t know how else to explain it except to say that I suddenly
felt the call to truly trust Christ. I had one foot in and one foot out. You’re either hot or you’re cold, and I wanted to be hot. That day I decided that I wanted to be different. I wanted to put my faith in Jesus Christ once and for all…I’ve been on that journey for a number of years now, and I can honestly say that it’s the best decision I ever made.” The man who said those words is Avery Johnson.

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The Most Striking Statement in the Bible

Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #10

Daniel Whyte III shares from God’s Word in today’s Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message.

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Condoleezza Rice, a Powerful and Accomplished Woman, has a ‘Deep and Abiding Faith in God’ (Gospel Light Minute #10)

While on the world stage, for eight years in a row, she was considered by many to be the most powerful woman in the world. She served as the Secretary of State for the United States of America under President George W. Bush. She was the first African-American woman secretary of state. She graduated with honors from the University of Denver and from the University of Notre Dame. She was a professor of political science at Stanford University where she served as Provost from 1993 to 1999. She is an accomplished pianist and has performed in public since she was a young girl. She credits her parents with instilling in her a strong faith in God and said of her faith, “The one thing that both of my parents had that I’m grateful to have is a deep and abiding faith in God. There’s no greater gift parents can give their kids than that.” Her name is Condoleezza Rice.

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