The History of the Battle Over You

Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #131

TEXT: John 3:16-19

Legend has it that the Trojan War began when Paris, the son of the King of Troy, stole Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta and married her. As a result, the various Greek city-states united to fight the Trojans after Paris refused to give the Spartan king’s wife back to him. The war dragged on for nine years until the Greeks finally prevailed.

It is hard to imagine that a war would last for so long and cause many thousands of deaths over a single human being. But, did you know that there is a war being fought right now over you? Yes, there is a battle that has been going on for thousands of years, and you are the center of this battle. Our passage for today reveals the sides in this great battle.

The oft-quoted verse of John 3:16 has long been celebrated as a powerful, succinct declaration of the Gospel. Charles Spurgeon said John 3:16 is “the gospel in a nutshell.”A.W. Tozer said, “Jesus Christ came to save you, knowing your name, knowing all about you, knowing your weight right now, knowing your age, knowing what you do, knowing where you live, knowing what you ate for supper and what you will eat for breakfast, where you will sleep tonight, how much your clothing cost, who your parents were. He knows you individually as though there were not another person in the entire world. He died for you as certainly as if you had been the only lost one. He knows the worst about you and is the One who loves you the most.”

As we read on in verse 17, we see that Jesus did not come to condemn the darkness of the world — he did not come to punish and destroy. He came to save. He came to shine light in a dark place. As the philosopher Francis Bacon said, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”When Jesus Christ came, he turned the oppressive religious system of the day on it’s head. He brought something to the world that no one had ever experienced before.

As we learn in verse 18, the only way to escape “condemnation”is through Jesus Christ. “Condemnation”is defined as “strong disapproval, a pronouncement of something as morally wrong.”God disapproves of sin, and all sinners are subject to God’s just wrath because of their actions. The only way to escape this wrath is by believing on Jesus Christ, the son of God.

However, there are dark forces that do not want people to believe on the son of God. They are doing everything they can to hide the light of Christ from every person’s eyes. Today, I want us to focus our attention on verse 19 as we now take a look at this force of darkness, this supernatural battle, and what is at stake in this fight.

+ Plus, listen to Fred Hammond as he sings “This is the Day” and Ricky Dillard singing “Jesus Paid It All”.


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