The Great Future City of Peace (Part 1)


Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #88

TEXT: Revelation 21:9-27

Throughout the history of the world, great cities have risen and fallen. You have heard of the greatness of Babylon and Jerusalem. You have heard of the greatness of Rome and Alexandria. You have heard of the greatness of Athens and Constantinople. These cities and many others were well-known for their educational advancements, their architectural techniques, their cultural diversity, their religious devotion, and their military prowess.

However, none of these cities were known for the one thing that the world has longed for — peace. Jerusalem was sacked by Babylon and then later by Rome. Babylon was overrun by the Medes and the Persians. Athens underwent repeated wars with other Greek city-states. Very little of the ancient glory of Alexandria remains because the city suffered from constant wars. Constantinople was crushed by the Ottoman invaders. And Rome, perhaps the greatest city of the ancient world, was ravaged by bands of barbarians from the north.

None of these great cities were able to provide permanent peace for their citizens or the world. Even today, our world longs for peace. Just a few weeks ago Israel and Gaza were at war and today, despite a ceasefire, there is still open hostility. There is no peace. In Syria, rebels are fighting their own government to gain democratic rights. There is no peace. Egypt remains in turmoil and there is no peace in the great city of Cairo today either.

It seems as though the one thing the world has strived for the most it simply cannot obtain.

However, our passage for today tells us about a future city that will provide that peace that the world has longed for. It is called the new Jerusalem and it will be the capital city of the new creation that God will bring about at the end of time.

The passage we just read describes the beauty of the New Jerusalem. This New Jerusalem comes about after God has defeated the evil forces that rebel against Him during the end times. Jamieson, Fawcett and Brown state in their commentary that this passage “describes the eternal and consummated kingdom of God and the saints on the new earth.” The name ‘Jerusalem’ actually means ‘City of Peace’. It will be the eternal home of all those who remain faithful to God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Allow me to briefly share with you three reasons why the New Jerusalem will indeed be a “city of peace” and how you can have a place in this city.

+ Plus, listen to Tamela Mann singing “Joy Of the Lord” and The Sensational Nightingales singing “I Must Tell Jesus”

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