The Three Gardens of God (Part 1) (The Most Exciting and Eventful Week in History)


The Three Gardens of God (The Most Exciting and Eventful Week in History)

Today, we come to the end of our week-long series titled “The Most Exciting and Eventful Week in History”. This week we have seen Jesus Christ ride on a donkey through the streets of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, we have seen Jesus go in to the temple and whip cans and take names, and we have listened to Jesus’ words as he described the end times to his disciples. On Wednesday, we saw Judas Iscariot betray his Lord, on Thursday, we saw Peter drop from hero to zero when he denied he knew his Master, on Friday, we saw that the day Jesus Christ was crucified was a happy day for us sinners, and on yesterday, we saw that Jesus was busy while he was in the tomb.

As a Man without a home, a King without a throne, Jesus Christ was taken from the cross and buried in a borrowed tomb sealed by Roman soldiers and a large stone. Yet, when his friends and followers retuned to the garden tomb early in the morning on the first day of the week, they found the soldiers gone, the stone removed, and a shining angel saying ‘Jesus is not here. He is risen as he said.’

Mohammed’s remains are in a mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. The remains of Buddha were cremated and placed in several different monuments, some of which survive to this day. What is left of Confucius is in a large cemetery in Shandong Province in China. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, had his remains cremated and scattered in the Pacific Ocean. And the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, is buried in Nauvoo, Illinois.

The tomb in the garden, where Jesus Christ was laid, is empty. There are no bones. No remains. No ashes. No adherents to any world religion can say its founder is still alive. But those early followers of Jesus Christ could. His tomb was empty. After his resurrection, Jesus appeared multiple times to His followers. He talked to them. He ate with them. They touched Him.

This is why we celebrate Easter. Because, on that third day, Jesus Christ got up out of His tomb in the garden. Nothing else like it had ever happened before or since.

Now, as I was preparing to do this series of messages, I was reading the above passage of Scripture in the book of John, and it struck me how gardens are featured prominently in God’s plan of salvation, first in the Old Testament with the Garden of Eden, then in the New Testament with the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb where Jesus Christ was buried. My friend, I submit to you today that the three most momentous events since the beginning of time happened in gardens, and they are all connected through Jesus Christ.

And the title of my message for today is “The Three Gardens of God.”

+ Plus, listen to Tim Hughes singing “Happy Day” and Nicole C. Mullen singing “Redeemer”

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