From Hero to Zero: The Denial of Peter (Part 3) (The Most Exciting and Eventful Week in History)


The events of the passage we just read take place on Thursday — the fifth day of Passion Week. Jesus Christ and his disciples are eating the Passover meal — what we call the Last Supper — and Jesus is explaining to his disciples what is about to take place. Earlier on this day, Jesus Christ had told his disciples to prepare an upper room for their Passover meal. They did so, and Jesus and his twelve disciples share the Passover meal together. At this point, Judas has already left to betray Jesus Christ, and Jesus is talking with the remaining eleven disciples about what is going to happen very soon. During the course of this discussion, Jesus predicts Peter’s betrayal.

Of all the disciples, Peter was the most zealous. Peter should have been the one who was the most loyal to Jesus Christ. He made that great statement in Matthew 16:16: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Peter walked on water with Jesus. Peter was the one who said to Jesus, ‘Lord, we have left all for you, where else can we go?’ Peter even had the nerve to challenge Jesus when Jesus told him that He would have to die to fulfill God’s plan.

But despite all this, when the chips were down, when Jesus really needed his friends to back him up, Peter and most of the other disciples turned and ran away.

+ Plus, listen to Ricky Dillard and New G singing “Jesus Paid It All” and Bebe Winans singing “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”

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