The Day Jesus Christ Whipped “Cans” and Took Names, Part 2 (The Most Exciting and Eventful Week in History)


Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #49 | Passion Week 2012 (#2)

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and we talked about the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. Today, as we continue this week-long series titled “The Most Exciting and Eventful Week in History”, we will talk about what Jesus Christ did in Jerusalem on the Monday after the triumphant entry.

Now, when we think of Jesus Christ, we often think of Him as the helpless baby in the manger, or the gentle shepherd carrying a lost sheep, the mild-mannered teacher sitting on a hillside telling stories to the crowd, or the compassionate healer raising a man’s daughter from the dead. All of those images of Jesus are true and correct, but there is another side to Jesus that we often overlook which is seen in this passage of Scripture.

+Plus, listen to Fred Hammond as he sings “Celebrate (He Lives)” and Hillsong Live singing “At The Cross”.

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