Allyson Felix: “Running for God’s Glory” (Gospel Light Minute #23)

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Allyson Felix
Allyson Felix

She is a track and field athlete, who competes internationally for the United States of America. She is an Olympic gold medalist, winning gold at the Beijing 2008 Olympics as a member of the United States’ Women’s 4 x 400 meters team. She is also a two-time Olympic silver medalist at 200 meters, as well as the only woman ever to be a three-time Athletics World Championship gold medalist for that distance. She is also a member of President Barack Obama’s Council for Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition.

Raised in a Christian home in Southern California where her father was an ordained minister and New Testament professor, she sees her running ability as a gift from God. She says of her faith, “My faith is the reason I run – it calms my heart and makes everything feel like a lift. My speed is definitely a gift from Him, and I run for His glory. Whatever I do, He allows me to do it.” Her name is Allyson Felix.


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